Santorini has amazing cultural spots and a rich heritage. Yafy can advise you on the best places to visit, arrange transportation and the services of a friendly and knowledgeable guide. Travel the past and discover the most amazing archaeological sites in the world, ancient excavation Akrotiri, ancient Thira. Escape to Fira, wander in the streets of Caldera. Stop by the Red Beach, enjoy Pyrgos’ beauty, discover the medieval Kastelli. Go to Kamari, Panagia Episkopi, Oia, Megaloghori, Emporio. Trust Choose Yafy to design your personal itinerary and discover Santorini’s traditional, cultural unique heritage at your own pace.

Naturally Organic

Let your taste buds experience the succulent, mouth-watering fruits and vegetables that are grown locally, without the use of chemicals… Smell the aroma and taste the sweetness of organic tomatoes… Experiment the unique taste of a cactus fruit… Enjoy the nutritional benefits of our grains: wheat, lentils and our insanely fresh seafood. Traditional Greek cuisine and healthy mediterranean food… Santorini is every food lover’s paradise!

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